How will SASSI work?
The SASSI project particularly targets Trainers. It focuses on helping them to develop age-sensitive approaches to learning that will ensure older workers maintain the skills and competences they need to remain active in the workforce into their 60s, 70s and potentially beyond.

During the implementation of the project the partnership will:

  • Undertake a Needs Analysis, including both desk research and primary research in order to produce a Comparative Needs Analysis Report embracing all 6 countries
  • Develop and launch the SASSI HUB – an online platform holding the SASSI TOOLBOX (training materials and resources) s and facilitating the Trainer Community discussions and forum
  • Develop a range of age-sensitive learning modules and the validation system for informal competence assessment
  • Pilot these products and services with Trainers and finally with a number of end-users/older learners
  • Produce an EU wide Award or Badge for recognising age-sensitive trainers and organisations
  • Ensure that our work, support by EU funding is widely publicised to key stakeholders and the general public

The ultimate beneficiaries, the aging workforce (employees, active job seekers and career changers aged 50+) will demand that training specifically addresses their values, expectations, priorities, needs and motivations.