The SASSI HUB and Community

Designed to provide Trainers, CPD professionals, HR managers and line managers with people management responsibilities with a rich source of research materials and resources designed specifically to support the ageing workforce.

The SASSI HUB provides a Toolbox of resources including:
  • access to a wide range of training materials, research articles, case studies and resources that help improve your understanding of the issues surrounding the Ageing Workforce in Europe
  • an innovative competence framework for those involved supporting older workers and learners in CPD,  new skills development and on-going learning
  • A modular training programme, based on the SASSI Methodology, including topics such as 'How older people learn', 'Applying Age-sensitive CPD', 'Designing Learning Projects' and  access to a validation tool for validating your current or newly gained competences: LEVEL5
  • e-portfolio facilities
The SASSI HUB also hosts a Community Forum through which you can discuss and share thoughts and ideas about how best to support older workers and learners - and indeed, what needs to be done in the light of the ageing population, changes to the state pension age, skills shortages and an increasingly older workforce.