The SASSI Label

Recognising and championing organisations that employ age-sensitive approaches to Workforce Development

Does your organisation encourage and enable those who want to work longer to to maintain a fuller working life?
Let your employees, clients and suppliers know about it – get the SASSI Label!

What does the SASSI Label represent?

It’s the mark of an enterprise that’s not only committed to, but best in practice at responsible, age-sensitive approaches to workforce development, and a great way to show your employees, clients and suppliers what your organisation’s values are.

Across Europe demographic trends, reinforced by policies aimed at delaying retirement, are leading to an increase in the average age of the workforce. People are wanting to, or having to, work for longer than ever before. The goal of the SASSI project is to give people the opportunity to maintain a productive working life by focusing on the updating and upskilling of this ageing workforce.

Through the SASSI Label, we seek to identify and champion evidence of good practice in terms of HR strategies and workforce development initiatives for older workers and learners from across Europe – highlighting these as exemplars for others by awarding them with the SASSI Label.

The objective of the SASSI Label scheme is not only to identify those organisations in Europe that currently demonstrate good practice in terms of updating and upskilling of their ageing workforce, but also to assist all organisations with advice on how older people learn and how to further improve their support for older employees.

The SASSI Label aims to be a European quality label for organisations that practice age-sensitivity and inclusion within their learning, training and development processes.

How to get the SASSI label?

The SASSI Label shall be awarded to those organisations that can demonstrate they meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Evidence of a clear strategic response to their ageing workforce
  • A focus on continuous training and lifelong learning for all employees, with age-sensitive learning, training and development for older workers and learners
  • Supporting and enabling employees to successfully adapt to and enable longer working lives; and
  • Creating a thriving inter-generational workforce

The SASSI Label will be awarded through a validated self-assessment process in which organisations present a clear case for how they meet these criteria.

Who can apply:

Any company, social enterprise, public sector or voluntary sector organisation including NGO’s, based in one of the 28 Member States of the European Union and including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia, Turkey.

The Benefits of achieving the SASSI Label
  • offers a benchmark for gauging performance, recognising achievement and driving improvement
  • raises the profile of the organisation by building confidence and credibility amongst older employees and learners and externally, through increased awareness and understanding
  • helps learning, training and development services adapt and respond to the needs and interests of older workers, and develop their ageing workforce
  • encourages partnership working within and between organisations, by helping organisations to examine how best to deliver age-sensitive workforce development for older workers and learners
  • provides a robust framework for forward planning to improve procedures and policies for lifelong learning and workforce development
  • is a badge of external recognition which demonstrates quality workforce development strategies
  • encourages professionalism in the learning, training and development