The SASSI Badge and Certificate

Recognition for professionals that employ age-sensitive approaches to learning, training and development for older workers and learners.

Both the SASSI Badge and the SASSI Certificate are awards of recognition for trainers, HR Managers, CPD Professionals, coaches and line managers with people management responsibilities who can demonstrate age-sensitive approaches to the training and development of older workers and learners.

The SASSI Badge is a digital badge; a validated indicator of accomplishment and skill in the understanding and implementation of age sensitive learning, training and development. The SASSI digital badge makes it easy for training, education and HR professionals to earn, and display their expertise across the web using the shared and open technical standard of digital badges.

The SASSI Certificate is awarded to professionals in adult education, training and HR management who have completed the SASSI learning programme and have validated their competence in the delivery of age-sensitive learning, training and development .

The Benefits of gaining a SASSI Badge and Certificate

Together, the SASSI Badge and the SASSI Certificate bring several benefits related to the Continuous Professional Development, up-skilling, re-training and education of older workers and learners (aged 50+).
They demonstrate:

  • to employers, trainees/learners, colleagues and contemporaries alike, a particular level of professionalism in understanding and responding to the needs of the Ageing Workforce in Europe and in developing innovative strategies to support learning for older employees and learners
  • the ability to apply a trans-European approach and methodology to supporting learning in older people
  • the ability to include age sensitive elements in the delivery of educational activities for learners 50+
  • that the Badge and Certificate owner has competences related to age sensitive learning and knows the SASSI methodology
  • that the owner can develop concrete learning activities according to the SASSI methodology

The Certificate, which can be included in a Europass CV of an expert, can also help enterprises to recognise the professionals that can support them in developing age responsive CVT for their employees.

Who can participate?

An individual professional involved in the learning, training, development and/or education of older learners and workers.  They may be working freelance or for a company, social enterprise, public sector or voluntary sector organisation including NGO’s, and based in one of the 28 Member States of the European Union and including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia, Turkey.